Ghana rejects Homosexuality right


I do not hate the homosexuals nor will ever hate them. God loves humanity and desires for everyone to live free from sin though he has given us the free will of living.

I hate to hear the act of homosexuality to be a right. I see it as a problem to the society just like teenage pregnancy, adultery, casual sex, fornication, armed robbery, prostitution, drug abuse and addiction, abortion, indiscipline, and all forms of social vices or deviant behaviours.

Human right is the right to life; and the basic things that everyone should have the liberty to enjoy provided the law (probably the bible) allows it.

It cannot be defined as the right to anything. If human right is the right to anything or any lifestyle, then the law court or judiciary, police and all security agencies would not have been needed and prisons would have been empty.

Abnormality is a deviation from accepted norms and values, or original to fake, or perversion of natural to unnatural.

The world is fighting against drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases,  prostitution, and all forms of social vices or deviant behaviours (immoralities) because its effects or implications are not healthy, abnormal, loss of life, destruction, injustice, and many others.

Let’s suppose a man proposes to his biological daughter to marry, the daughter agrees or brother wanting to marry a sister or Uncle marry a niece; but the society calls it incest and says is abnormal, detestable, and not accepted; why could homosexuality not be abnormal, detestable, and not accepted?  Does that family who wants to marry themselves not have right?

When someone drinks water through his ears or nose, can it be called normal? When someone eats his own faeces and drinks his own urine, can it be called abnormal?


Uses/Functions of Anus, Penis, and Vagina:

Anus: is the extremity of the alimentary canal, through which the faeces are discharged. It is meant for discharge of waste materials from the body, the rectum – where faeces are stored is close to the anus.

Faeces – is the waste matter excreted by the bowel, consisting of indigestible cellulose, food which has escaped digestion, bacteria (living and dead) and water.

The penis is the main sex organ that is used for insertion into a woman’s vagina during legal sexual intercourse. It is also use to urinate.

The vagina is the main entrance for the penetration of the penis during legal sexual intercourse, and receives sperms.

Homosexuality is dangerous for the following reasons:

Anus – is the dirtiest part of the human body. When the anus is penetrated, the tip enlarges, destruction of elastic wall, developing of sore, unusual discharge of smelled fluid, and other infections.

Penis – when it is used to penetrate the anus of a fellow man or even a woman’s anus, bacterial and other dangerous organisms will get into it and hence infected.

Vagina – when objects are inserted for sexual pleasure, there shall be bruises, cervical cancer, destruction of fallopian tube, etc.

There is not a single biological, physical, emotional or psychological, and Christian spiritual benefits of homosexuality practices, the end results are destruction of anus, sickness and diseases, loss of respect, affected by demons, inability to give birth, and premature death.


Is it not abnormal for someone to insert his penis into another man’s or woman’s anus? Is it not abnormal for someone to put his penis into someone’s mouth and ejaculate into? Is not abnormal for someone to say that I will marry my fellow man or woman? Is also not abnormal for some countries to abolish heterosexual polygamy but accept homosexual polygamy? If people justify homosexuality practices as a result of women being more than men, why is it abnormal for heterosexual men to practice polygamy?

Think of these few questions above.

A Gay man (donors) can sleep or has anal sexual intercourse with almost hundred (100) different gay men (receivers) within a year and is accepted to be normal, this is really interesting.

Why I also hate to hear homosexuality act to be right is that majority of homosexuals are drug abusers and addicts, involved or indulged in many of social vices, and some are drunkards.


What is the solution?

The victims are not to be blamed, condemned, and put to death.

They are to be loved and counselled the effects of the act.

They are to be prayed for and cared for.

The act has to be condemned, or criticise constructively as I have done to solve the situation.

Pro-gays or activists are to be counselled to stop the falsehoods or propaganda.

I would suggest you read my book titled ‘The World Leaders and Homosexuality Legalisation, The Secret Behind, volume one’ available online at amazon, createspace and other bookstores. For more information contact

I do not hate the homosexuals but I do not like the act just like incest, teenage pregnancy, and all social vices. Let’s help create a suitable environment, restore hope and opportunities in people.


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NOTE: This article or writing is in Biblical perspective.


By M. K. Acquah (PhD)


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