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Responsibility can be defined as the state of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. It can also be defined as the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something.
Duty can be defined as the state of doing something because it’s your obligation to do; a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility, a task or action that one is required to perform as part of one’s job.

The meanings to these two words are similar and are collectively used together. I would make it clear out of these definitions of these two words that GOD is responsible for our existence and He owes it a duty to provide for us. Now what is my evidence? The Bible, personal experience of manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and the death of Christ on the cross and His resurrection are my evidences. Some people have come out with some theories and philosophies (view) to prove the Bible wrong but they have failed. In Genesis chapters one and two (1and2) as have been already quoted and explained in the previous chapters, GOD created man out of the dust and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life to become a living soul. He created man in His image which can be explained in two different contexts: Purity or character or Holiness, and Physical appearance or human form. In the context Purity or character or Holiness and attributes – love, kindness, patience, holy, righteous and others; And in the context of human form or physical appearance – has hands, fingers, legs, head, mouth, tongue, eyes, and others as manifested in the flesh of son of man ‘JESUS CHRIST’ – John 1:14, ‘And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth’. So the image is in the sense of Purity or character or Holiness and attributes, and Physical appearance or human form. Although in my book titled ‘There Is A Condition – Recognising The Conditions of Successful Life’ I stated that GOD is neither black nor white, tall or short, colourless and can appear in any form to man. The physical form of JESUS CHRIST whilst on earth exhibits the nature of GOD the FATHER in the flesh.
The definition of responsibility states that ‘a fact of being accountable or to blame for something’ so the question is can we blame GOD for our existence and accountable for all our problems? The answer is GOD is responsible for our existence and He owes it a duty to provide for us as I have already stated. Our problems or sufferings were caused by man and the devil not GOD and why it is so? It’s because GOD gave man the free will to choose and man decided to obey the command of the devil‘s ‘sweet words’. GOD gave man free will as He did not want to control man like a robot.

The provision our needs or wants are in two forms or categories, these are visible and invisible provisions.

Visible / Physical Provision
God has already provided for His children or mankind. GOD created the trees, animals, waters, the land, sun, moon, stars and all other things for man’s use. Whatever man needs are in provision by the Creator and it is up to man to utilise them. I have already stated that in the Garden of Eden, the glory of GOD covered man that is why man and the woman were not naked. Adam and Eve did not need to sweat or strive before they can live. When the glory of GOD disappeared as a result of disobedience and Adam and Eve realised they are naked, and there became the need to strive to eat although the provisions were still available.

GOD is a loving GOD; when man disobeyed Him, He did not take the provisions away but still made it available for man to utilise them. Before man can utilise these resources, he has to seek knowledge before. Without knowledge man cannot turn raw materials into finished goods or products and services, cannot cook the cassava or plantain. In the Garden things were already made, man did not need to learn how to turn cassava to flour or fufu or anything; But outside the Garden man needs to acquire knowledge either formally or informally before getting ends meet.

GOD gave us natural resources to use to make our lives better, but He also gave us the ability to exercise wisdom in our use of these natural resources.


Invisible or Spiritual Provision
The almighty creator not only did He made all the trees, animals, and all the natural resources available for man’s use but He has also provided for us invisible things. He has made available the Holy Spirit or Ghost to comfort us and lead us not into temptations.

He has made His only begotten son available for us to believe in Him to have life. He loves us so He has given us the second chance to repent of our sins and come to reunion with Him again.
Romans 1:20, For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

The Available Resource Provision
According to Genesis chapters one and two (1 and 2), GOD created all things and handed over to man to take care of it. Man was made a ruler over GOD’s creation on earth. Genesis 2:8 -17 gives an account of the Garden of Eden which GOD planted in the eastern part of Eden. Which means Eden was a place existed on earth like a country. The Bible makes me understand that Eden was like a country that GOD sited the Garden in the East. The Garden was made a place of happiness, free from sufferings, and was a perfect serene environment. Outside the Garden was either void or empty country of either other human beings or no human beings. The Bible did not state whether there were some human beings living outside the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve were banished outside the Garden. Although according to Genesis 4:14 – 15, there may be some existing beings before Adam and Eve which may be living outside the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were enjoying in the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 4: 14 -15) ‘Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me. And the LORD said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.’ Do not forget that those beings may be the fallen angels who supported Lucifer to rebel against the Almighty JEHOVAH God. They could be the only people who were supernatural beings who could slay Cain into death. Note also that the country outside the Garden was not a perfect place. Outside the Garden of Eden was a place of the strongest survives. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the life of Cain after he had killed his brother Abel.

Sin was first committed in the heart of Lucifer in GOD’s Kingdom of Heaven. Lucifer entered the earth with the sin and his sin affected man when he approached Eve and then Eve unto Adam in the Garden. Outside the Garden was not a perfect place to dwell, man was cursed to till the land before eating, the woman will feel pains in child delivery, the serpent because it allowed Satan to enter it to lure woman and the woman to man was also cursed to walk with it belly. GOD did not take away the beautiful things and did not also take away man’s power to rule neither the creatures nor the free Will. The only thing GOD took away was His glory that was upon man which man used to overcome the wildness animals and other things. Man still has the power over GOD’s creation but without knowledge and skills man cannot control other creatures.

Below are the things GOD has made it available for man to utilise:

Heaven and the Earth:
Heaven in the context of sky or planet above the earth absorbs all poisonous gases and chemicals, rain fall from there; and sun, moon, stars and other heavenly bodies are held there; act as an umbrella, shielding the earth’s surface from incoming solar radiation resulting in an overall cooling effect, and many other things all to the benefit of man.

The earth provides different types of soil for cultivation and mining of minerals, a habitat for other living organisms, and many other natural resources that man depend on it for life.

Water is one of the most vital natural resources for all life on Earth.
The waters were created for man to drink, use to wash cloths, water crops, generate electricity, etc.

The sun provides so many benefits to man. It is used to provide solar energy, dry cloths, and many other things.

In short GOD has provided all the natural resources for man’s use because He created man and He owes it a duty to provide. Just like parents bringing forth children, they owe it a duty to provide for the children. In reality anyone who owns something take very good of it, uses it the way he wish, and always makes sure the thing is under a law or control. The same with GOD, He expect man to obey Him all the time.

Why Do GOD Provide For Us
GOD is still caring and providing for us because of His mercy. He has shown us His mercy from Adam’s generation to date. He clothed Adam and Eve when they were naked. (Genesis 3:21) ‘Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.’ Have you ever thought of it, why GOD clothed Adam and Eve? Because He is merciful, gracious, loving, patient, kind, and passionate about their life; He is responsible for their welfare. He brought them from where they did not have knowledge about and He felt their pain of difficulties.

God has power and had power to avoid their downfall but He made man free will of choice in life with a condition. Yet He is responsible for our life.

We are only told by science or doctors that we are born out of fusion of male and female gametes. This is a scientific prove of man’s origin but the origin of first man or beings on earth cannot be proven by science. It is only proven by the Bible, and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.


The Author

The author (Bible Teacher, Counselor, and Consultant) aspires to be an author characterised by its commitment to equip Christian believers, readers and the society to discover and answer God’s call in their lives.

The author achieves this vision through Bible and Social Sciences teaching and counseling, authoring Christian novels, blogging, and writing of articles and faithful stewardship in a Christ-centered community that develops purposeful men or believers of GOD or people of integrity.

The author takes seriously his biblical based knowledge and calling to deliver thoughtful inspirational and motivational Christian and Social Sciences novels within a distinctively Christian and Social community or environment. Readers and those who engage him discovers from a faith-based perspective and with a confessional commitment to moral norms and the authority of the Bible as Holy Scripture.

With the conviction that all the Knowledge or gifts the author have acquired or received have at his disposal (financial, physical strength, networking, publishers, office helpers, editors and proof readers, prayer partners etc.) are gifts from God, he seek to utilise these resources in such a way that demonstrates respect for the resources themselves and that brings honour to the One who has entrusted them to him. Faithful stewardship ensures appropriate resources and capacity for Christian and Social or Humanitarian services effectiveness.

The author is committed to a holistic approach to life changing and humanitarian services reading or learning that engages not only the mind of the reader or learner, but every aspect of life – body, spirit, and heart. The author fosters life-transformation through a thoughtful inspirational and motivational Christian and Social or Humanitarian Novels, blogging, speaking engagement, youth development programs, service activities, and community experiences, church meetings, and intercessory prayers.

Readers and those who engage the author apply skills and knowledge into practice as productive and contributing members in their respective families, churches, communities, and places of work.

Maxwell Kobina Acquah (the author)

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“The Church Is not What You Think” seeks to answer most of the critical questions about the real meaning of the church as recorded in the Bible. This book has also outlined divine and revealing testimonies by some people.




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  1. I am writing this letter to strongly recommend Dr. Maxwell Kobina Acquah to readers, the book industry, professionals and anyone who may like to engage him professionally. Being an African author and journalist, I was born and grew up in central region of Cape Coast, the same place Dr. Acquah was born.

Religiously devoted, his love for God and mankind has inspired him to come out with great gospel novels, which do not provide only vision but the knowledge, desire to seek God and discover the truth about His creation. Dr. Acquah’s inspiring books include ‘The Downfall of Man, The World Leaders And Homosexuality Legalization, The Church, Life After Death’ etc; available online and at Amazon.

Despite his strong engagement to church activities, spreading the gospel and teaching the youth on how to keep away from crime and hard drugs, he has participated in many international Bible courses, providing him numerous certificates.

If God gives one vision, He gives provision as well; Dr. Maxwell runs one of the best books shops in his native country Cape Coast. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a humble, respectful and God fearing person to work with.

Joel Savage, Journalist/Writer:Author


  1. Dr. Maxwell Kobina Acquah is a very accomplished, versatile and humanistic individual dedicated to his Ministry. I have had the honour to read and review five of his books. His dedication, integrity and work ethics shine through in his writings. His motivation and easily understood dialogue make his books easy to read and understand. Even though he quotes scripture, his writing is not “preachy,” but I did find it to be enlightening and thought provoking for all age groups and denominations. Maxwell is an astute and detail-orientated professional with outstanding writing skills.

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  1. Dr. Mxwell Kobina is a driven and intense individual, who pursues his goals relentlessly.

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  1. It is always enjoyable to recommend friends that have high ethical standards. Dr., Acquah is such an individual. He has accomplished much in his young life and is an inspiration to all that know him. I am proud to call him a friend.

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